The Numis Network Review

The Numis Network is the latest network-marketing plan on the block; however, there is something unique about Numis. This opportunity is trading in an area no other company has ever taken network marketing, coins. Let that idea sink in for a moment, a way to make money by selling money? Sounds a bit ludicrous at first but when you begin to research money and coins you will find that collecting has been going on for centuries.



The first collectors of money could have been as early as 1300’s. Petrarch was often times approached by ancient vendors to identify one piece of money or the other and it was recorded that he gave a coin collection to Emperor Charles the IV in 1355. What was it about coin and money that people instantly recognized as an item for collecting?

There are many more historical facts about coin collecting but for the purposes here, it is safe to say that rulers, scholars and average people have all seen the intrinsic value and importance of collecting currency.


Before you lock into your head the stereotypical image of a coin collector, you should realize the Numis Network is not just a coin-collecting club, it is something much more. This is an opportunity for you to participate in the sale of something everyone knows are valuable and that will gain in value as time goes by.

The Difference

You may be thinking okay so this is a network opportunity that has coins at the center instead of some other product, big deal, what is the difference? One huge difference between Numis Network and so many others is the fact that coins are instant assets!

Wealthy people all have one thing in common, they have a financial statement, and on this statement is a complete listing of all assets and liabilities. Now, in this asset column are many things but one thing you will not find is the products offered by most network marketing programs. Can you imagine trying to place health products in a financial statement asset column? Guess what? You can list coins as an asset and that my friend is what makes the Numis Network Opportunity so different from any other plan you have ever seen.

Get in on the Ground Floor

Most of the time when you are considering a networking business like the Numis Network it is wise to not jump on the bus until things have been proven. However as has already been established coins is a product with intrinsic value that in most cases is only going to grow. People may lose interest or move on to a better diet or health plan but when you are offering them excellent coins why would they go elsewhere?

Look at coins like you would oxygen, it is something everyone needs to survive and if you by some chance could market the very air that is breathed could you find a down side? Many wealthy individuals have been encouraging people for several years to invest in gold, silver, coins and gems to ensure their money. Numis Network gives you the tools to market and sell the grease that makes the world go around!

Numis Network only offers the best of the best, coins that are rated by the Sheldon Scale with a grade of 70, which means it, is perfect mint condition. Do not mistake this company as one of the many others that offer substandard coins. This is the time to get into a network marketing company that is the only one on the block and whose goal is to become the largest distributors of coins worldwide and they have the talent on board to make that happen. The leaders of this company have 20 years experience in coins and network marketing.

Find out more about this unique opportunity to create wealth, preserve wealth and promote wealth. Click on the link below and I’ll show you why people are jumping off their sinking ships and climbing on board with this life saving opportunity!




  1. Thanks for telling me about Numis Barry.

    This is definately an “asset” that can be put on your financial
    statements, and that alone makes this unique.

    Thanks for the update,

  2. Barry,

    Excellent Numis Network Review,I just started my collection two months ago.. Thanks for this blog post

  3. This is really informative, especially when you mentioned the importance of having this product “coins” listed on the assets column on the financial statement, and that’s exactly why there are so many people looking after this opportunity!

    Great Post 🙂

    Katherine Droguett

  4. Barry,

    Numis is sure all the rage right now.

    Given our economy and state of the government, I can certainly see the attraction to a company like Numis.

    Obviously, it is not like the other juice or supplement companies you see in the market today.

    As I am not a part of Numis, it will be interesting looking from the outside to see how things progress over the next few years.

    Thanks for the update,


  5. There are certainly a lot of people talking about this company, and there are many people signing up, especially since ILearn Global packed up and walk away!!

    I hope you get some over flow from that!!
    Kathy Sammons Dot Com

  6. Barry,

    You make quite a few Excellent points about the Numis Network

    Although I am definitely biased…My deciding factors went way beyond the product and the business opportunity.

    The team and the leaders associated with this company is second to none!

    – Yo

  7. Hey Barry,
    Thanks for sharing your information on the Numis Network. The concept is very refreshing compared to a lot of the “stuff” that other people are promoting. The people associated with this company are also 1st rate leaders, which bodes quite well for this new business.

    To Your Continued Success

  8. Numis Is for sure raddling some cages in this industry. Product, Timing, Compensation and like Yo Said… The leadership and development. I see huge things to come over the next 6-12 months with this company.

    Jeff Mitchell

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