Stampin Up Review -Will You Get Stamped or Stumped?

Reviewing Stampin Up As a Multilevel Marketing Company

Just because multilevel marketing has achieved greatness in these industries does not mean that it is not appropriate for other industries. This fact is proven by a company known as Stampin Up which brought multilevel marketing into the rubber stamp industry. Stampin Up is a company that is well known in western countries for being one of the leading rubber stamp and accessories manufacturers. Stampin Up Review -Will You Get Stamped or Stumped?

The company was established over two decades ago back in 1988. This company designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of products that primarily consist of unique rubber stamps and do it yourself kits.

While the company’s rubber stamps are self explanatory, its do it yourself range consists of kits designed to help people undertake home decoration, making greeting cards and even designing scrapbooks. The founder of the company was Shelli Gardner who has not only managed to help her company grow to the size that it has reached today but also gather quite a collection of awards from different organizations.

Owing to its much wonted journey, Stampin Up now has somewhere around 45, 000 distributors in seven countries in the world. These include the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand. The company is headquartered in Utah where it has a main office and two manufacturing units. Its main office, that sprawls over 300, 000 square feet, is located in Riverton while the two manufacturing units are in Kane County and Kanab.

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Stampin Up Products

The product line of Stampin Up can be divided into two groups. The first is the trademark product of this company which is rubber stamps while the second is its line of do it yourself arts and crafts kits. Whether one considers the rubber stamps or the do it yourself arts and crafts kits from Stampin Up, one fact that would come out would be the fact that both these lines are extremely unique and exclusive in nature. In addition to this,Stampin Up also offers numerous tools that can be used for a variety of purposes at home. Stampin Up is another company that completely relies on its independent sales marketers which means that its products cannot be found at any retail outlet throughout the world.

The company Stampin Up refers to its independent sales representative as demonstrators. If you want to become a demonstrator for the company then you will be required to purchase a 175 American dollars worth Stampin Up starter kit that would contain numerous Stampin Up products worth around 340 American dollars. An alternative to this would be the digital plus starter kit which would contain additional digital designing software programs. You also have the chance to modify the contents of your startup kit depending upon which products you prefer to focus on.

Stampin Up Compensation Plan-Stampin Up Review

The company’s compensation plan would have you earning 20 percent on all your personal net sales. It is worth mentioning that within the first 45 days, you would also get an extra 10 percent for your first few orders. There is also something known as volume rebates, which basically means you get a higher percentage for selling high volumes. It is possible for you to get another 20 percent over and above the initial 20 percent through these volume rebates. In effect, this would mean that you are getting 40 percent on each sale you make.

Stampin Up Success through Lead Generation

Stampin Up Review



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