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Secret Formula Webinar-Press-Release March 5, 2011 –

There seems to be quite a buzz surrounding the business opportunity known as The Secret Formula Webinar otherwise known as The Pizza Box Webinar . With momentum escalating and more new surfacing about this home business opportunity, we decided to seek out more information on the subject and go to a top tier member for some insight.

We caught up with Barry Monteiro, a Secret Formula Webinar top producer and asked him why he felt the Secret Formula Webinar was generating such a buzz in the work from home industry. This is what he had to say, –

“The Secret Formula Webinar is what industry insiders refer to as a ‘Big Ticket’ business model opportunity. Big Ticket refers to the fact that you have the ability to earn big commissions or payouts.

Unlike many home business opportunities where recruiting hordes of new members is required before you can achieve any kind of real income, the Secret Formula Webinar or Pizza Box business allows members to earn commissions of $1497 and $3497. These commissions are paid directly to the members and are a result of their personal marketing efforts in sharing the Secret Formula Webinar.

There are a lot of individuals looking for a real way to supplement their job incomes on a big scale, or even replace their current jobs altogether. The Secret Formula Webinar allows people the opportunity to do that. With just two sales a month some people can make as much or more as they do working full-time. People see how this can work for them versus entertaining the idea of having to recruit dozens of people in a network marketing based business. I believe this is the main reason why so many people are getting involved with this opportunity.

I think the next big attraction for the Secret Formula Webinar stems from the fact that there is no direct selling involved for the members of the program. A riveting webinar exposes the flaws in many home business models, and presents the innovative Secret Formula to success. The webinar does all the heavy lifting or ‘selling’ of the business model, so the members don’t have to.

This business model can generate incomes in 30 days that many other businesses won’t produce in a year’s time.”

If you are interested in learning more about this innovative system, you may contact Barry at 410-305-9029. He recommends interested parties first view the webinar by visiting the link provided below, and then calling to get questions answered.

More information can be found online at



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