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Secret Formula Webinar-Press Release-

We recently contacted Barry Monteiro, a well established member of The Secret Formula Webinar to ask about requests that some new members of the Secret Formula Webinar business had made. Some felt they wanted more help to get their businesses launched, than their sponsors were providing.

He explained, “Every new member that joins the Secret Formula Webinar-or Pizza Box business as it is sometimes called, starts off with the same basic toolkit. What I mean is they are afforded their own Secret Formula Webinar System with capture pages, autoresponders, back-office, and training tutorials.

What makes the difference really boils down to your sponsor, and how much he or she is really going to invest in your success. Although the Secret Formula Webinar program is a very automated and highly effective system, it still requires a ‘driver’ or ‘operator’ for the program. Many experienced marketers can plug into this program and literally make thousands of dollars in a week. Even some less than experienced marketers can have success out of the gate by leveraging just one of the marketing methods.

However, not everyone that joins the program has a solid understanding of using the internet as a marketing platform. Many people are new to having a home business completely. Some of these new members require more help getting started, and need more continuous support after they get going. Often these type of new members have a difficult time
getting the time and hands on training they need from sponsors.

I get calls from individuals every week who have signed up, who just aren’t getting the guidance they want from their sponsors. I learned there are numbers of Secret Formula Webinar members, who want assistance beyond the tools, webinars and tutorial trainings being offered. It’s often not the sponsor’s fault, that they aren’t able to deliver on the guidance. In many cases, the sponsors just aren’t experienced enough themselves to teach others how to implement the program marketing effectively.

So, I decided to offer a solution to these members who have signed up under other sponsors and want more coaching help. The help will be hands on training, including remote pc sharing sessions, phone and email support. The training will be ongoing for a one time minimal fee, and can be customized to your particular level of experience. Anyone who chooses to use the service will be assigned one of my personally selected Secret Formula Webinar experts as a personal coach.

The coaching help will be set up on an ongoing basis, until the new member is satisfied they have reached a point where they are capable of marketing their business successfully. This training will be of the same caliber my personally sponsored members receive.”

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