Zija Review -What You Need To Know Before You Dare Join

Zija Review

The Ups and Downs of Zija – Know the Model before You Invest!

The Zija corporation sells a patented smart beverage and smart mix, both using the miracle plan Moringa. The smart drink comes in a ready to drink can. A smart mix is really a package you can mix the product itself and cold water and make it anytime you like.

Zija Review

Are you looking for a good company to invest with for network marketing?  In this Zija review, you’ll see they are a company that offers multi-level marketing and network marketing opportunities.

Ken Brailsford founded the company in 2006 along with a group of entrepreneurs.  The corporation consists of Ken as founder and president, executive president is Rodney Larsen, and vice president is Michael Hershberger.  These three make a powerhouse team with a collective fifty years of experience in network marketing in the direct sales industry.  The company’s headquarters are in Linden, Utah and they do business internationally as well, in Canada, China, Japan, and Mexico with plans to expand in the coming years.

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What is Zija?

Zija offers a product line consisting of health and wellness in the form of anti-aging skin care, energy, and nutrition and weight management.  They use network marketing to promote their products through direct sales.  This multi-level marketing company offers to take in people from all backgrounds and help them start a successful business.  They are trained on how to conduct their business. 

Their focus is in helping others to become financially free in a quick time frame.  This business model works well with today’s economy.  They claim to help those to start their businesses with little overhead.  It takes diligent hard work to make the business run and only those willing to put forth the effort should go for it.

Zija is a new company on the scene and are considered to be still in the young growth.

If a person were to come on board with them now, they are considered to be getting in on the ground floor of growth.  There is a $500 billion a year sales in the health and wellness industry.  This company has stepped up to grab a piece of this action.  Since the company offers health products, they are set up for those who are health conscious, who want to be a distributor, or who wish to purchase the products.  This product line features Moringa, a botanical from an exotic desert plant.  Moringa is supposed to be a highly nutritious botanical.

Compensation Plan offered by Zija

A person can become a distributor once they make the first purchase from the product line.  There is a distributor kit to be bought, then a promise of being on a monthly auto ship.  Once these are in place, a distributor can earn compensation.  This is a typical multi-level marketing ploy.  A distributor can earn commissions from direct sales, they can build a team and earn when team members make direct sales.  There are bonuses and rebates on orders offered.  Because you build a team, you earn from what the team purchases and from what they sale, and if they stick with it, you have long-term income as long as you adhere to the policies in place by the company.

In accordance with their website the company allows you to earn money in eight alternative ways, to include: direct sales, volume or rebate, team commission rates, leadership check match, the diamond pool added bonus, and multiple business centers bonus. So, overall the Zija compensation plan looks like it’s a fairly profitable, yet standard, mlm payout plan.Conclusion of the Zija Review

So, is the Zija company and all the interest it has generated worth all or is the whole thing just a scam? The company itself looks like it has a good sound product, in conjunction with a very good comp plan for its distributors. However, only the market will tell whether or not it can sustain yet another super juice company that has been introduced into the mix.

The success you can achieve by being a Zija distributor for this company will depend on how well versed you are with network  marketing and your willingness to learn it and apply it.

You have to stay motivated and active to make this work to your advantage.  If you are good with people and in encouraging them to both buy from you and sign up as a team member, you will likely be a success with the company. 

Zija Review-What You Need To Know




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