What to Include in Your Social Network Profile

Social networking sites have been increasing in popularity, particularly over the past couple of years. Social networking sites are wildly popular since the allow internet users to find, connect with, and develop real friendships with other users that share their interests. In order to connect with these people you must join one of the social networking communities and create a profile. It is widely advertised that the key to making friends in a social networking community is a good profile.

Your profile is important because other users that belong to the community are interested in meeting people with similar interests. They will search through a large number of profiles searching for people that have the same views, goals, interest and beliefs that they have. Most people prefer to chat with people that have a lot in common with them. While a profile is not a requirement when you join a social networking site, it will be rather difficult to meet other people.

There has been a great deal of focus on what should be placed on your social networking profile page. Most people feel that profiles with pictures and detailed information will produce the largest number of responses. While pictures and personal information might be responsible for an increased number of page views, you might be getting views that you would rather not have. You may have heard otherwise, but most social networking sites do not restrict who is able to view you profile page. In fact, any internet user, whether they belong to the community or not are able to view the profile.

Knowing that anyone is able to see your social networking profile on the majority of these sites, it is advisable to be extremely cautious when filling out your profile page. Basically this means that you should be focusing on what to leave out of your profile instead of what to include. Doing this is one of the best methods to protect your safety both online and offline.

It was mentioned that posting a picture of yourself is recommended when you join a social networking site, and this is fine as long as it is done carefully. You will want a picture that makes you look your best without being revealing or seductive in any way. Most people are able to look at pictures without feeling a thing, but allowing some people to view a seductive picture could be dangerous. Since you have no control over who views the picture, choose it carefully.
If you decide to post a picture to your profile, be extremely careful with additional information that your post. When a picture is combined with a full name and an address the combination can become deadly. You should only post your first name in your profile since it will be very difficult to find you offline.

You should also be careful about posting your location. Many of the social networking sites require that you post your city and your state of residence. If it is possible, leave the city off of your profile and just add the state. If you are required to add the town or city, particularly if you live in a small town, it is recommended that you use a nearby city rather than your actual city. If you live in a small town and a predator were to try to locate you it would be pretty simple, so you should carefully choose what you include in your profile.

In addition to these precautionary measures, it is recommended that you do not post detailed information about your income, your children, the location of your home or information about vacation plans. By following these tips, you should be able to enjoy online social networking without having to always look behind your back.

Article written by Barry Monteiro. All Rights Reserved

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