Vemmabuilder – The Final Score on Vemmabuilder

The Final Score on Vemmabuilder

Every website that has some kind of referral system in place has its fair share of criticism and praise. Once there are hints of some sharp criticism or even some scam claims, it is important for a service to undergo a full review to really see if a marketing tool is really different than the other residual income opportunities or just some ambitious attempt falling short.
Vemmabuilder happens to be one of the systems that are praised by some marketers for increasing leads while ridiculed by others for being a complete waste of time. Learning more about the company behind the system as well as the founders can help get a better understanding on what this builder is really for.


Vemma is a family-owned company led by BK Boreyko and two of his sisters, Lauren and Karen. What is interesting about this family is that the parents have been major players in the network marketing industry as well. BK helped Amway business, which was the name of his parents’ family business, at the age of seven. His experience was leveraged to form a distributor and later a network marketing company called New Vision.

The Vemma Nutrition Company was formed afterwards with the Vemmabuilder being advertised as a tool to help anyone sell Vemma-branded products. There are also reports of BK donating some of his earnings to a number of foundations like the Habitat for Humanity and Rainforest Foundation.

Vemmabuilder Review

This Vemmabuilder review will finally provide the answer as to whether or not this system is really beneficial to aspiring Internet marketers. The short answer is yes simply because of the amount of automation that is involved. This is noticeable if you head straight to the main website. Instead of seeing a typical squeeze or welcome page, you are greeted with a simple site that asks for a referral number. This shows that it is simply impossible to get a Personal Vemmabuilder account unless someone has referred you.

Once you managed to find a referral link, you will notice that familiar capture page that promises an opportunity that will help you become financially free. After filling up the form, you will finally see the main Vemmabuilder page where your personal account is ready to go. This is highly convenient if you plan on promoting the builder to other people. The welcome page made by the support team introduces the whole system rather well and it makes sure new visitors do not get lost.

Logging in to the Vemmabuilder site will take you to a gateway page where you can access various areas like back office as well as an explanation of the system. It is powered by a patent-pending technology that eliminates the need of building a website, setting up a merchant account or making cold calls.

Vemmabuilder banks on Vemma’s premium product which is their nutrition program which introduces Mangosteen as the next big supplement for wellness products. Given the nutrition program’s good reputation, it is easy to say that the Vemmabuilder can do the job of boosting leads if the simple instructions are followed. All that is required is some simple point and clicks and the system does the rest when it comes to introducing the product and building the business for financial freedom.



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