Usana – Before You Do, What You Need To Know


Welcome to my Usana review. If you’re reading this review, chances are you’re looking for information on Usana.
You could be looking for information on the Usana business opportunity, or perhaps a friend told you about one of the Usana Products, but either way, before you get involved, I encourage you to read this entire third party review to see if the company is right for you.

In this short review, I’ll go over Usana and I’ll also give you access to what I would call a totally “unfair advantage” should you decide that Usana is the right company that you want to get involved with.

In the MLM industry, very few companies are better established than USANA. With that being said, it is important that you look at a USANA review before getting involved with the company, since having more information allows you to make an educated decision.

The original company was founded in the early 1970s, although the MLM portion of its marketing plan has not been around as long.

Usana Products

As with any MLM company, looking at the products offered by USANA gives you some insight into the success that you can have selling these items. The company sells three different lines called Nutritionals, Diet and Energy and Sense Personal Care. Since these products cover such a wide range, finding someone to make a purchase is usually relatively easy, especially in comparison to other MLM companies that only offer one product.

The USANA Nutritionals section is made up of products like detox supplements and body optimizers.

The Diet and Energy portion is made up of protein bars, energy drinks and meal replacements. The Sense section is made up of skin, body and hair care products. Many of these items cost more than the items that you would find in a grocery store, although the ingredients are high in quality.

This allows you to market these products to anyone who cares about quality more than price, which is becoming increasing important with the lack of restrictions being put on skin care products. To survive in the MLM world, this company must offer its customers something and that something appears to be higher quality products than they can find elsewhere.

As you might know, the USANA business model relies on sales associated to distribute these products. This is how the MLM market works, so this company is not any different. You can also receive additional money if you bring more distributors into the fold, although you do not have to do so in order to succeed. Stay away from MLM companies that force you to recruit above all else, as this is evidence that it could be a pyramid scheme. Reading a USANA review will inform you very quickly that the company does not force you to recruit anyone, which is a good sign.

As with any MLM business, some people have run into problems when dealing with USANA.

When two Canadian distributors were fired from the company in 2003, they filed a lawsuit against USANA. Eventually, these two individuals were awarded $7 million for this unlawful dismissal. In 2007, the SEC and FBI started an investigation of the company’s business practices. They, however, could not find anything wrong with USANA, which is another good sign for potential distributors.

Usana Review Summary

Overall, you should be able to sell USANA products because they are generally deemed high in quality. In addition, the company does use fair business practices, so you should not find yourself in any trouble with them in the future. Always research any MLM business before you begin and make sure that you can sell the products that they produce. The MLM business is not for anyone, but if you have the ability to sell, you can make some money through this company.

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