Trivita Review – Legit Business or Scam Scheme

A Trivita Review

Trivita is a globally entrenched company that manufactures natural wellness products.

Its business model involves recruiting entrepreneurs to act as the company’s products’ evangelists. The company then trains the entrepreneur and equips him with the required tools to succeed. It also gives him handsome commissions. Here is a review of the company, its products and its employer quotient:

Trivita – Company Overview

TriVita manufactures natural wellness products that help fortify physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health. Here’s an explanation about how it helps enhance financial health – the company operates an Affiliate Member program that encourages all its customers who have experienced health benefits from its products to become product evangelists. Affiliate members can create wealth by selling the products inside their network.

The company supports its evangelists by providing them helpful and timely information through publications, emails, and the company’s Online Wellness Center. All the company’s products are physician-approved, contain natural and pure ingredients, and are tested and certified by reputed laboratories.


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TriVita – History

The company was founded in 1999 by Michael Ellison. Michael experienced a critical medical condition that threw his life off-gear. As he recovered and clawed his way back to life, he experienced many remedies and found one truth – that it’s best to keep medical conditions at bay. He also discovered that people get carried away by life’s pace and neglect their own health. They do not consume what nature has intended and benchmarked for human consumption – vitamins, antioxidants, and nutritious products.

Michael founded TriVita on this premise of natural wellness. Michael wants everybody to have the energy and vitality to do meaningful things in life. He wants them to feel connected to God and increase their personal wealth. Ever since its inception, the company has grown from strength to strength and now runs operations across the globe.

The TriVita Product Line

The company manufactures a range of products and markets them in 4 categories – Foundational Nutrition, Targeted Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Children’s products.

The Foundational Nutrition range of products helps in the general fortification of the body. Essential D packs in Vitamin D, Fruits&VegEZ contains essential nutrients of 30 fruits and veggies, Healthy Foundation Pack contains omega-3, omega-6 and Vitamin C, Sublingual contains the much-needed Vitamin B, etc.

The Targeted Nutrition range of products is for specific needs.  Adaptogen helps you manage stress levels, Bone Growth Factor enhances bone density, GlucoManage helps controls blood sugar, etc. There are other products in this category that help reduce cholesterol, pump in enzymes, boost energy, and fulfill a variety of specific needs.

The Weight Loss range of products, as the name suggests, is meant for weight loss and the Children’s range delivers multivitamins.

The TriVita Affiliate Advantage

The TriVita Affiliate Member program is simple and flexible. Customers can join as independent affiliates without bothering about owning an office or having sales skills. You can work for as little as 1-2 hours a week – it really depends on your capabilities and inclination. The company offers a 3-step success program and compensates its affiliates on a weekly basis.

TriVita is one company that truly cares for the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health of its customers, affiliates and employees.

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