The “Old School” Prospecting Methods Will Destroy Your Chances Of Making Any Real Money In Network Marketing.

In fact, using those “dinosaur” MLM tactics is like trying to fill a leaking bucket.

Here’s why:

If you follow the old MLM “dogma” of cold-calling prospects, handing out CD’s, and spending all your money on “opportunity” leads — you’re almost guaranteed to lose most (probably ALL) of your people to competing distributors who can advertise on your front doorstep thanks to Google.

This means you’ll be forced to recruit every day for the lifespan of your business just to combat the constant attrition that will plague your organization.


You see, the old ways worked great when people stayed in and purchased products every month for years at a time, allowing you to build a large, profitable organization.

But in today’s crazy online world, the average reps only stick around for 2 or 3 months (if you’re lucky) before you even get a chance to recoup your marketing costs.

That’s how radically the industry changed since the Internet.

So what can you do to make money in MLM today?

It’s actually pretty easy. To learn more click on the image below to meet our associate Mike Dillard and learn how to attract prospects like a magnet!