The Key To Network Marketing Success Is A Constant Stream Of Prospects

With the increasing movement of businesses and consumers to the web, marketing your business online is a must; especially if yours is a network marketing business.

As they say, if you’re not online, you don’t exist – and as far as millions of potential customers and recruits to your downline are concerned, this is absolutely true. Using the platform of the World Wide Web to raise the profile of your network marketing business, you can literally sell while running on autopilot. You can make sales and gather leads around the clock with little intervention needed on your part. The way to accomplish this is to get a system set up which will bring prospects and customers to you.

What’s the best way to do this?

Before you even write your first advertisement, you will need to have a landing page (or a capture page as it is sometimes called). The landing page has one purpose; to get contact information from the people who visit your site so that you can contact them later on. This page should be very simple, not containing much in the way of content. If the network marketing company you work with has given you a template website to use, you don’t want to send your visitors here, at least not on their first visit.

Your page should be simple and professional looking and not replicate the look of the company website. You should offer something of value to your visitors for free. An e-book or report is a good choice here. However, to get this freebie they need to give you their email address. You can use any of hundreds of e-books available online which are freely distributable and can be given away by anyone.

Making your landing page is a pretty simple project. There’s plenty of software out there for putting together a good looking site which requires no knowledge of HTML code.

Make sure that your page is different than the sites of other people working with your network marketing company. You need to set yourself apart not only visually, but also by offering something which your visitors will be willing to sign up to your mailing list to receive.

Marketers have long said “the gold is in the list”. It’s true – your list gives you the opportunity to keep in contact with your visitors and to send them further information and other content which they are likely to find useful. This helps to position yourself as an expert voice in your field – and people are far more likely to make a purchase or sign on with an opportunity recommended by someone who they perceive to be an expert.

Once you’ve put together your own landing page, the question is how to get people to visit. You need to do a little market research and figure out which places your target market will be the most likely to see your advertisements.

There are a lot of different ways to promote your site: PPC ads, ads in e-zines, paid banner ads and article marketing.

You’ll need to set aside a marketing budget for your business and start testing ads while closely tracking the results.

This rule seems too simple to need mentioning, but you’d be surprised how often people fail to follow it – if something is getting you results, do more of it. If an ad or a marketing technique is not bringing in results, then simply stop! Your business will thrive only if you are able to bring in a steady stream of traffic over the long term.

Article by Barry Monteiro All Rights Reserved



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