The Empower Network Uncovered

Have you heard about the Empower Network? Right now this revolutionary system is changing lives across the world, there are reports of many people who have never made money online before making their first commission cheques.

My own personal experience is that of mayhem! My phone has literally been ringing off its hook and I have been swamped with emails from prospects wanting to jump on board with this.

You might be asking, what the heck are all these Empower Network review sites about? Well, it’s a marketing system based on wordpress. It allows you to start marketing your business immediately, as soon as you join up you get your own blog complete with all the social and viral plugins that you need to get massive exposure. Plus you have the ability to sell the system and make 100% of the commission paid straight into your bank account. It’s a fact (and I can prove it to you) that producing good quality content on a blog is a fantastic way of generating traffic and leads for your business.

I first set my own personal Network Marketing success blog up a while back now, I wrote about 120 articles, did some ninja SEO stuff and my stuff pops up all over Google on page 1.

What were the results of this

Right now I get 40+ leads each and every day into my business on autopilot, have sponsored over 402 people into various programs since Feb 2011 (on autopilot) and made thousands of dollars worth of commission payments (but they weren’t 100% commissions, more like 40%).

In the beginning however a lot of work was involved, it wasn’t all plain sailing, there were times of intensive work, learning about setting up wordpress blogs, getting things to work properly, learning seo and link building etc…. There was also a lot of time spent of creating sales funnels and learning how to make my own presentations.

You might not have the time, or even want to go through the process of doing it all yourself.

This is the reason that the Empower Network is growing so fast.

It gives you everything that you need to start marketing immediately, you will have your own blog and the marketing sales funnel are already in place to allow you to start making money immediately. Also the Empower Network domain has good age and authority, which means that the content you place on your blog will get more attention from the search engines, and has a much greater chance of reaching the coveted top 10 slots on Google, far quicker than if you were to set up your own blog.

The thing that is attracting many people to this network is the fact that you are able to start earning 100% commissions paid directly into your bank account by simply recruiting new team members. You can earn residual income of $25 and/or $100 a month plus a one time $500 commission.



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