Google Adsense has announced they’ll be using ads that are targeted on people’s online behavior. In the past Adsense ads were geared towards to topic of the page the visitor was at. Now Google will go a bit further and use data they’ve collected about websites a visitors has been at recently as well as the page’s topic to target an ad. The announcement has already kicked off a bit of a flurry of opposition. That’s not unusual when Google first unveils a new project. Personally I’m of the “wait and see” school on the subject. Google Adsense targeting has been particularly woeful of late, and that makes me want Google to innovate. Why remain complacent when it looks like Adsense revenue is drying up? If ads can be exceptionally well targeted and they bring results to advertisers while not distracting visitors, I’m all for it. Google is nothing if they don’t continue to adapt, evolve, and innovate in the search market. Global business trends are down right now, so the only way to keep going forward for G is to make decisions that improve the user experience for site visitors and also give advertisers a fair shake for their money. Google interest-based ads will be phased in over the next month.