Twitter Search is undergoing some interesting changes under the direction of Santosh Jayaram the former VP of Search Quality at Google. The most exciting change is that Twitter is going to start crawling the content of links posted to index the content of the destination pages as well as the text in the tweet. They are also looking at my suggestion about ranking results based on the reputation & relevance of users. Twitter Search will also get a reputation ranking system soon, Jayaram told me. When you do a search on a “trending” topic (a topic that is so big it gets its own link in the sidebar), Twitter will take into account the reputation of the person who wrote each tweet and rank search results in part based on that. We’ve always known that search is key to Twitters revenue and these changes would probably make it the second most important search tool after Google. That’s massive. You can get our blog posts delivered for free by email every day – simply add your email address to the box below or alternatively grab the RSS feed . Read some similar posts Follow me on Twitter Join Twitter now or regret it forever 4 Awesome New SEO Jobs Twitter has a serious duplicate content problem Twitter isn’t selling links Published in: Search | | | | |