Send Out Cards Review – Is The Expense Worth The Investment?

Send Out Cards Review

Send Out Cards is the brain child of CEO Kody Bateman and this MLM home-based business opportunity began in 2004 out of Salt Lake City Utah. The idea behind the company is to offer an easier way for people to send out not only greeting cards but gifts as well and at prices cheaper than a card or gift brick and mortar store. Their two-fold mission is “To help millions of people act on their promptings and provide a vehicle for financial success.” To date, the company has sent over 50 million greeting cards alone! Send Out Cards image home

So, not only does this MLM business opportunity allow you to be a customer and never miss a birthday greeting it also allows you to sign up as a distributor where you can make residual income based on your own sales and the sales of all the distributors in your marketing circle.

Once personalized, each ordered Send Out Cards card is printed, placed in an envelope and mailed to any postal address in the world! In addition, it’s not just birthday cards for cards for all occasions, even those appropriate for business associates! You can even upload and add your own photos to any card.

As one of their 50,000+ distributors, beyond making money from greeting card sales, Send out Cards also offers gifts of all sorts and in a variety of categories such as for baby, children, man or woman. They also offer gift baskets, books, home and office accessories, pet items and jewelry.

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Send Out Cards Compensation

There are two ways to start earning money the Send Out Cards opportunity. The first is signing up as an independent distributor (ID) at no cost except a one-time $50 deposit which is refundable once you obtain points from buying and sending products. The ID package has an annual fee of $59. The second package is to become a marketing distributor or MD. The MD package costs $295 and includes essential business tools such as a sales kit, website and free tickets to the company’s Treat’em Right Seminar.

These training seminars offer all you need if you want to make your home-based business a serious money-making opportunity. The MD package also offers 200 points you can use to purchase cards and gifts for your personal needs. A $59 annual renewal fee is also required with their MD package.

Profits are made via commission sales and for every card or gift you sell you have the opportunity to make up to a 30 percent commission.  For those you sign up to work on your team or within your sales circle, each time they sell a product, the potential earnings are 25 percent of each sale. Send Out Cards also offers bonuses for signing up other independent distributors and leadership bonuses based on your business performance. You can also work to be a certified trainer where you teach others how to build their own business and help them achieve the same long-term residual income you have.

In the days of a tough economy where cards at well-known greeting card stores can cost four to five dollars alone (not including postage), this company offers cards at deeply discounted prices, often as cheap as around sixty cents a card. These cards and gifts sell themselves, especially when you consider each time someone on your sales team or their extended sales team uses the service, you make money.

Learn more out the Send Out Cards opportunity by visiting their website and browsing through their frequently asked question section and watch the quick videos to learn how you too can build a long-term residual income all from this work-at-home business!

Succeeding With Send Out Cards Requires Leads for Your Business

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