An Unbiased Review of the New Efusjon Business Opportunity

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If you’re looking for a quality, unbiased review of the new Efusjon business opportunity then you’ve come to the right place.

Considering that there seems to be a severe lack of expert opinion available through Google, I felt it would be a good idea to do my own review for those who may be skeptical.

As you may well already know, the Efusjon Energy Club is a new business opportunity which was first launched in January of this year, and one which focuses on a revolutionary compensation plan. In fact, if it were not for this compensation plan, the company would probably still be battling to compete with all the other MLM companies out there.

If you ask me, I personally feel that this unique compensation plan is a fantastic strategy with the potential to increase the 98% – 2-% or 97% – 3% failure ratio commonly seen in this business industry. However, if I’m honest, then I must say that I don’t foresee any significant increase due to the spillover which is bound to occur.

7 Point Review

1) Considering the autoship is approximately $150.00 per month, I would suspect that it will be quite difficult for the vast majority to even secure three sponsors.

2) In my opinion, this strategy seems to be aimed at attracting those involved with network marketing rather than attracting the average person. In that case, associates will be required to talk to many people before they even able to get in.

3) I certainly don’t think this opportunity will be around for very much longer. In fact, if you pay attention, you’ll notice there’s a statement in the introduction video which confirms this. Perhaps you noticed the guy in the video saying that he believes this is a once in a lifetime opportunity? I must admit that I tend to agree with him simply because this is bound to gain an incredible amount of momentum due to the launch on Facebook. What happens next is really anyone’s guess, but the bottom line is, this opportunity is to a great extent very similar to many others, in that many of the same issues will be experienced, and this of course will once again result in a high failure ratio.

4) Yes, I do think that this revolutionary compensation plan is an amazing idea which is bound to work at least for a certain amount of time, but then again, it’s like trying to reinvent the wheel. Of course, one should also bear in mind that this is only a small part of the overall strategy, in that they are no doubt doing this simply to gain popularity between network marketers.

5) As far as fads are concerned, energy drinks are still relatively new but even so, there’s certainly no shortage in terms of competition, and what’s more, the competition is growing almost daily.

6) Statistics also don’t provide us with a very positive outlook, in that they suggest that the vast majority of new companies end up going out of business within just two years.

7) Efusjon is riding on the hype surrounding the acai berry, and as such, they are trying to give consumers wellness in an energy drink. Fair enough, considering that the wellness industry is booming, largely because Americans are at last starting to become concerned about their health, but the truth is, the benefits of the acai berry are still unfounded to a large extent.

With regards to network marketing, success boils down to two things, it that it’s about duplicating and recruiting, and while duplication will be higher with Efusjon, I don’t think it will be significant for the average person. Experience has taught me that if you’re unable to recruit people with experience relevant to the industry, you’re bound to fail, and so are those who you’ve recruited. In that case, while the company will profit, many individuals will end up on the loosing end.

It is my belief that far too much emphasis has been placed on the money making side of things, and not nearly enough emphasis on the product itself. Now here again, experience has taught me that this approach usually ends up attracting people who are interested only in money, and so it continues as these people will also not be focusing on the product, and before you know it, the public will simply see it as a pyramid scheme.

The autoship in my opinion is expensive, and I would imagine that it certainly will have an impact on profits for a considerable amount of time, particularly if it takes you a while to find your three people, which, as some of you may already know, can often be extremely difficult.


If a product or company is able to sell itself, there’s no need to devise a unique compensation plan. This is because your team will automatically duplicate, which in turn means more money for you, and best of all, you won’t need to recruit a huge number of people.

The bottom line is; the payout is no better than most companies offer, in that you get to keep 50% and the company gets to keep the other 50%. Yes, the compensation plan is better than other plans, but only better in terms of marketing, rather than money. At the end of the day, it’s all about increasing the hype. Period.
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