RCCv1 August 2013 Update!

First and foremost…. The management team at RCCV1 wants to thank each and everyone one of the amazing RCC members!

We really do feel like we have the BEST network marketing members in the world!

THANK YOU for being a valued RCC member!
Ok.. ok… ok… Lots of GREAT updates coming right up…

#1. CEO trip to Switzerland and Denmark... A lot was accomplished for RCC in Europe in the last 2 weeks. RCC now has a new company lawyer, business registration in the USA and offshore, and a great relationship with the president of the company bank. A lot was learned about asset protection, new tax laws, mlm laws and more. Much work was also done on new product programming with Jeff Hansen in Denmark.

#2. Looking good… We will have the new RCCv1 website up next week!

We are still Rocket Cash Cycler, but we are also RCCv1 for short. The “v1″ stands for version one. The new rocket designs are already updated on the boards and the totally new amazing website design will be fully updated next week. You will be able to use your regular affiliate links or use the new RCCv1 links, BOTH LINKS WILL WORK. We think that everyone will be blown away by the new look of RCC! There are also more enhancements coming to RCCv1, such as a member chat forum on the boards! We envision that this will make the back office much more social and inspire more team work in RCC!
#3. Finally… the solution…
This time it is final, we finally found our new payment processor solution. The company is After looking at everything and I do mean EVERY possible option we are 100% sold on VX. I know, I know.. we said I-Payout last time, and Payoneer before that, we just wanted to make sure we picked the right solution for the long term and VX is it! VX is the SOLID solution for payments in and paying out. Click on the banner below for more exciting details!


VX offers a full merchant account solution, pre paid debit cards, bank transfers, great support, and much more. VX offers a lot more than the normal payment processor! Open a free account here so that you will be ready when we get it fully integrated very soon.

We will hold company webinars after the integration to help everyone get accustomed to VX. Going forward RCC will use STP and VXgateway as our two primary payment gateways. The Visa and MasterCard gateway with STP is actually working a lot better now also. STP changed their merchant service provider and this has greatly improved orders going through with Visa and MasterCard.

#3. RCCV1 GROWTH The summer time is known as the slow season in the network marketing world, especially in the USA.

The slow season has been nothing but HUGE for RCC. We are still growing very nicely. RCC is made for the long term and we are seeing many members coming back to RCC. The fact that RCC is a one time payment and you are a member for life makes it easy to pick back up and build and cycle as many times as you want! There are many people working more than one program at a time and the management at RCC is perfectly fine with that.

RCC is less than 8 months old now, we have paid out about $4.3 million USD so far and we have over 20,000 members, and we are just getting started! “You ain’t seen nothin yet”.

rccv1 pay image

Rccv1 orange_getinstantaccess#4. The Future….
We have A LOT planned for the future of RCC. Our products, our compensation plan, our core values, and our vision is ROCK SOLID and RCC is not going to be another here today gone tomorrow network marketing company. The management of RCCV1 LOVES network marketing with a passion to the bone! We are team builders, fighters and hard workers just like you! We just want to give the MLM world a high quality, high value, highly profitable, highly rewarding opportunity. The more and more successful members we have the better impact we feel we have made on the world!

We at RCC live for the great stories and testimonials we receive from members that have changed their lives and/or the lives of others with the help of RCC… such as this amazing testimonial from Africa…

“Today, I live my own testimony. What an exciting business! Rocket cash- is indeed a blessing. I have made $17,500 in my very first 60 days yet I personally enrolled only 2 people, then the 3rd just recently and helped them to succeed as well. In my country, $700 a month is an average salary for a medical doctor. It has attracted network marketing leaders, entrepreneurs, doctorates, doctors, lectures, teachers, religious leaders, Ngo’s, accountant, retired and civil servants among others. I am glad several professionals have appreciated the business and decided to lead in the financial transformation of families and institutions. I am truly thankful to God and indebted to Kennon who enrolled me in the business. I only pray to God to open hearts and minds of those who are still skeptical and yet need such an opportunity. I am really excited that even leaders I shared with first, who immediately related it to their past without analyzing the rocket cash-simple ,precise and new concept are not reconsidering. Rocket cash- has been a blessing to me, my family, many in my society, my country, my region…. I feel my dream of investing in real estate is a coming true. God bless you and allow him take the Lead.”
-Martin A, 28 yr. Old, East Africa

#5. A Lil’ Teaser and contests!
This Email is getting way too long now.. so I will save some info for the next Email going out next Friday. I will say this however… YES there is a RCCv2 planned on down the road… but.. a BIG BUT here… Our main concern is making RCCv1 the BEST that it can be for the long term. RCCv2 will be a totally different type of program. We feel that it will complement RCCv1. RCCv2 will not be fully launched until sometime in November… we will shed more light on RCCv2 in next weeks Email update.

There is going to be a VERY cool contest coming soon… RCC will be giving away dream vacations at this resort… along with other amazing prizes… stay tuned…

Thanks for being a valued RCCV1 member!

~~~~~~End of Email message~~~

In conclusion, RCCV1 has been an extremely profitable program for me and has passed my initial testing. The program has genereated in weeks what other programs have failed to do in months.

Don’t waste time wondering about it any longer! Just get started with a Rocket position, and get it turned RED!

Rccv1 orange_getinstantaccess



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