Prelaunch MLM Company: XIMO Health do they stack up?

By Rob Wynkoop

Almost every day folks instant message me on MLM.COM and attempt to pitch me on the recently released and greatest MLM home business organization. Most of the time, I’ve already seen of it and am not interested. However, sometimes, a new home based business opens its doors with a amazing concept and a interesting marketing plan that piques my attention.


A company that I have evaluated that is worthy recommending is a unknown, new network marketing company named XIMO Rocks. There are several things which make XIMO Rocks a productive home based business opportunity for those people wanting to earn a lot of extra income in their extra time like me.

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Energy drinks are a popular item in our society. They’re everywhere – in convenience stores, wholesale discounters, on the web and more, but there actually hasn’t been anyone to deliver an energy shot through a home based business before. Given how popular 5-Hour Energy Shots are, I cannot say I didn’t wish I had come up with of the concept.


In XIMO Energy Shots, every individual who desires to be a business owner and earn some money, must first become a customer. This is done by placing one order for a box of energy shots. Currently, the minimum product cost is $25. This small amount guarantees your spot in the XIMO Health, LLC hybrid binary compensation plan.


Once you get your initial order – I recommend purchasing the 50 count box of XIMO shots that way you can share it with your friends – you can decide whether or not you want to try and become a XIMO business owner or not.

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To become a XIMO distributor you have to share the product to two other acquaintancesand they must make a minimum $25 order as well. Think of this as a trial run if you so desire… After you make your first two sales, the company will send you an official government form called a W-9 form. This is for income tax purposes. After you complete correctly and mail it into the corporate office, you are considered a official distributor and are capable of earning commissions with the company.


The compensation plan is a binary hybrid compensation plan that pays ten percent on the weaker leg. This is common of the most popular network marketing companies of today. There are also several bonus pools that are inside the compensation plan which reward distributors for reaching certain sales objectives.

 Overall, the XIMO Health home based business opportunity is a unusual type of business model than most people familiar with prelaunch mlm companies are used to. As a prelaunch network marketing opportunity it has a lot of upside and by nature of being a new company probably has some negatives. I have decided that the upside is worth the risk and am actively promoting it to those who are trying to make some additional money.


Given the nature of binary pay plans and the fact that the sooner you join the higher up in the binary tree you are, it might be worth just placing a $25 order to try the XIMO Mango and lock in your spot in the binary pay plan. If you like it and think you have what it takes to be a success, you may make a great deal of income with it. 



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