The Numis Network -Modern Day Gold And Silver Rush?

I recently investigated the Numis Network Opportunity after it came across my desk for the third time. I’m not really sure why I decided to take a look at it. It’s usually a matter of timing. After hearing some of the “Chatter” going on about it within the network marketing community, I decided to dig in and pull back the curtain.

So, what I discovered was extremely interesting. I’ll touch on a few company facts and then get into the “meat and potatoes”.

Numis Network markets and provides graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the network marketing distrubition channel. The company was founded by Ian Cordell, Christopher Kent, and Jake Kevorkian.

The trio teamed up with Infomercial Celebrity Mike Mezack, an expert on coin collecting and the marketing of numismatic coins. The company is now providing their products with the intention of becoming the largest retailer in the world of precious metal coins by creating a new industry category by utilizing the power of network marketing as a marketing channel.

So, the important thing here is to understand that Numis is dealing in Collectible Numismatic Coins. No other company in the history of network marketing has ever promoted Numismatic Coins (not to be confused with Bullion Coins).

So, why is this such an interesting proposition. It’s because the product being promoted is an “asset”, instead of a “consumable”. To help paint a picture of how unique this is to the network marketing industry, I’ve put together a video you can watch below:

The kicker here, is that you collect valuable coins through the autoship program. If after a year you turn out to be a total ‘Dud’ recruiting into your business, you still come out a winner because you’ve improved your financial position simply by signing up and becoming a representative on the autoship program. Watch the video above to clue in on this a bit more.

Lastly, if you have any doubt about whether collecting silver is a good idea, Listen to the first 5 minutes of the video below while Robert Kiyosaki gives his imput on the deal.

[media id=10]

Numis Network is definitely pioneering with their Network Marketing of Numismatic Coins. I think it’s exciting to be able to promote a product that everyone already wants!

My vote is to Learn More about >>>The Numis Network Opportunity.