Networking Is Selling, Not Sharing

Networking Is Selling, Not Sharing

MLM companies claim that the business is not selling but providing services and sharing products.  This is what we all hear from them and you have probably heard it as well, that to be a distributor, you don’t have to be a sales person or a person with sales background, because MLM is not about selling products but about providing services or information to other prospective buyers and members.  This is actually a part of the building up to make networking and MLM recruitment successful.

The truth of the matter is MLM and all of the networking marketing is all centered to sales.  Applicants for membership or distributorship are obliged to sell the services or products to other people in order to get back the costs you spent for membership.  And to be able to do the selling in a productive and result-generating way, you must have all the techniques and knowledge in direct selling.

Because of the perception that network marketing and all MLM are not really about sales, people then believed that the businesses are aiming to just share the products or services to every individual who are prospective users of these particular products.  Sharing the products, services, or information to others is such a good attitude or character but it would be much better if this motive is true.  You should always put in mind that when someone shares his products to you in exchange for money, this is not sharing at all but selling in the full sense.

If you are doing the MLM business, it is very pleasant of you to think of what is best for other people and it is very kind of you to share the goodness of the products to them.  But whenever you realized that they would not accept what you share to them because they can not afford the products, you will only get frustrated and disappointed and your effort and your motive will all go to nothing.  But if you want to really make sense of your right motive behind the sharing of products, you should do it without expecting them to return the favor.

Whatever business deals you do, as long as it generates you income, the pure intention and the motive you have of sharing with them the benefits of the products are not really because of the sharing but because of the income.

Being a distributor, you should realize as early as possible that MLM and network marketing is all about sales.  As soon as you learn to realize it, the better for you to get all the information, knowledge, and techniques about the business and about how to sell the products to other people.  Once you equip yourself with all these essential strategies, you will surely make the most out of your networking business.

Networking and MLM business is not only about the products and selling it.  The business should also focus the foundation through its marketing strategies.  This is very important in any business because, no matter how effective the products are, if the business has no systematic strategic marketing plan, the business will still face its own downfall and all of the distributors will be affected.

So if you are into any home-based network marketing or MLM business now or if you are planning to enter into one, make sure that you have all the details that you need to know.  By discovering the effective techniques and methods on how to generate more prospects and build a full-time or residual income, you will eventually make your MLM or networking business successful and one of the top team of distributors.

Personally, I use automated methods of prospecting and an opportunity that doesn’t require me to do the selling, because I don’t like selling.  It’s much easier when people come to you eager to join an opportunity, than it is to try and chase people and try to sell them.

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