MLM Lead Generation

MLM Lead GenerationIf you’re reading this article, you’ve probably joined or are considering joining a network marketing company and now you’re trying to decode MLM lead generation strategies that will actually work. Good for you! There are several ways you can go about building your MLM business. Most often, the first thing your sponsor will tell you to do is make a list of the people you already know – your warm market. Then they’ll encourage you to start contacting them to share your new business and ask if they’d like to join. That’s a great way to get started. Your warm market will be very easy to talk to and should be supportive. That will make it easier for you to get your feet wet in MLM. But if you’re like most people, you’ll run out of friends, family and colleagues to talk to pretty fast. What do you do then?

MLM Lead Generation – The Hard Way

MLM lead generation basically means that you’re finding different groups of people to talk to about your business that you don’t already know. Perhaps they’ve responded to an ad for more information about starting a home based business. They’re not necessarily looking for MLM and the vast majority of the time, they turn out to be what we call “tire kickers”. In other words, they’re just curious and are not usually in buying mode. Another drawback to buying opportunity leads as they’re called is that unless you pay a small fortune for exclusive rights, the leads are sold to many buyers at the same time. That means when you call them, they have likely already been contacted by someone else, and possibly many other people trying to sell them something (remember, they’re probably not even looking to buy to begin with. Another type of MLM lead generation is genealogy lists. These are lists of contact information from a specific company. This at least shows that they’re interested in MLM because they joined a company before and that they’re buyers or at least they’ve bought in the past. The drawback is that these lists are almost always very outdated and have a very low accuracy rate making them expensive and time consuming.

MLM Lead Generation – The Best Way

The best way to build your business is to become your own MLM lead generation machine. The best leads you can generate are the ones who come to you specifically looking for your help, guidance and mentoring. They’re not generic, but are interested in you personally because they feel a connection or a comfort level with you even before they talk to you. That will always be the best way to build a substantial MLM business. Be committed – I mean really committed – to building your business. That means you’ll want to invest in the tools and education you need to create your own MLM lead generation strategy. Don’t go it alone. The best MLM marketing system out there is My Lead System Pro (MLSP). In fact, it’s not just a marketing system, it’s a community of network marketing professionals committed to helping and supporting each other with their lead generation strategies. Click on the link below to get a peek at just one example of what you will find inside of MLSP.

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