Let’s Talk Network Marketing.


Before we discuss what network marketing is, let’s first discuss what it isn’t. First and foremost, network marketing should not be confused with pyramid schemes as the two have absolutely nothing in common. In fact, pyramid schemes are similar to chain letters, in that people invest money based entirely on the promise that others will do the same and that some of the money will filter back to them in the end.

As such, a pyramid scheme is purely a money game. In other words, in the vast majority of cases there will be no real product involved, but rather, it’s just a matter of money changing hands. On the other hand, nowadays there are a few pyramid schemes which do in fact have a product, but of course this is included simply to disguise the scheme.

Network marketing on the other hand is a legitimate business opportunity. The most noticeable evidence to support this is the fact that network marketing involves real products and/or services being made available to people at a fair market price. Admittedly, many people manage to generate huge profits but one should bear in mind that any profits they make are a direct result of the amount of effort they invest into building their businesses.

It is also worthwhile noting that pyramid schemes are in fact illegal due to the fact that they thrive on taking advantage of vulnerable people. After all, in order for you to make any money from a pyramid scheme, someone else first has to lose their money. Network marketing on the other hand allows a person to expand their businesses providing they are willing to put in a sufficient amount of effort. Furthermore, many network marketing businesses are dedicated to helping others achieve success. In fact, network marketing is nowadays an integral part of the new economy and it’s a favored business structure all over the world.

Let’s just be perfectly clear about this, in that network marketing has nothing to do with being able to take advantage of others. In fact, it wasn’t very long ago that network marketing revolved entirely around retailing to, and sponsoring people from, your so-called “Hot List” of prospective clients. Even though network marketing still to a great extent involves people sharing products and services, many network marketers nowadays are making use of highly sophisticated marketing strategies and techniques, one of which is the internet. Other marketing techniques can include approaches such as conference calling and various sponsorship techniques.

Contrary to what you may believe, network marketing is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme, even though some people to make six figure incomes in a relatively short space of time. Of course, some people may consider them to be lucky, but you can be rest assured that successful network marketing has absolutely nothing to do with luck. Instead, just as with so many other jobs, success comes from hard work and dedication.

Okay, now that we know what network marketing isn’t, let’s take a look at what it is. Network marketing is just like any other business, in that only those who are able to take their business seriously will manage to make their business successful. In other words, it’s a business system where the creation, design, and expense which a corporate group has gone through eventually becomes a recipe for your own personal success. The great thing is that you can simply duplicate other successful systems in order to achieve success yourself.

Perhaps the single most powerful tool in network marketing is being able to use leverage. Obviously, it is possible to leverage your time in order to increase the number of hours you spend working so that you can earn money by sponsoring other people so that you can then also benefit financially from their efforts. Interestingly enough, J. Paul Getty was able to accumulate a vast amount of wealth, and it was him who once said that he would rather make 1% off the effort of 100 people than make 100% off his own efforts. Even though this is probably the most basic concept of network marketing, it is indeed the cornerstone.

Most successful marketers for example will build their marketing business according to a well organized plan. Most will dedicate a few hours of work each week, but of course they will make sure that each hour they spend working acts as a building block for the long term development of their business. They follow this up by sponsoring others and teaching others how to promote their product or service until such time that those self same people are able to develop their own product and begin sponsoring and teaching others.

Essentially, by teaching those you sponsor how to teach and sponsor others, you are in fact duplicating yourself, and as this process continues it effectively compounds growth. In fact, this can eventually lead to you having hundreds of people involved in your business. Generally speaking, you’re leveraging your time by helping others to be successful so that you in turn are able to generate an income from their efforts.

For the most part, network marketing does not require you to have much capital, and neither are you restricted by any geographical limitations. Furthermore, you don’t require any particular qualifications, and neither do you need any type of special education. In layman’s terms, network marketing could be described as being a home based business model with minimal overhead costs. The great thing about network marketing is that because it is primarily a people-to-people business, you can often end up having hundreds of good friends as a result. Also, network marketing can result in you having an opportunity to travel all over the world while earning good money at the same time.

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