G1E is Here! Share in the Profits of Global Entertainment?

I2g is Here! How would you like to share in the Profits of a 24 Hour Entertainment Opportunity?

Here are some of my Amazing results with I2G in just months! Over 400 enrollments!



For the 1st time in MLM history a Casino has joined up with Network Marketers to build their Brand & share it’s Profits!!

Here is a short video introducing the first and only business of this kind!

i2g started on Aug. 8th & has teamed up with a Tier 1 Casino that has been around for over 14 years. This is the FIRST time in MLM history has network marketing merged with an Online Casino. 100% legit & legal. The only country that can’t play yet is the US, but it’s coming.


I2G Is here photo
Those of you that know me, have seen me make $5000 thousands of dollars over and over again in just a few months in RCCV1. RCCV1 continues to thrive, but I’ve found i2g to be a great addition to my marketing, with long term residual income potential.

I called a couple more people I found on YouTube that are already in ig2 and EVERYONE of them confirmed they are making money. James from Florida got in just 30 days ago and came in at the $600 (High Roller) level and has already made $7,000.00 in his first 30 days by enrolling just 3 people and I spoke with another guy that is making $100K a month already. So I am very excited about what I2G holds for it’s members! Here’s Dennis’ story of how he went from a foreclosure, car repo and divorce to a top earner in just months:

Since it’s not yet legal to play in the Casino in the US, we are given licensing for a Social Media hub that encompasses your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In & Skype accounts in 1 easy to use Dashboard.

~ If you want to join our EXPLOSIVE TEAM, here is my sign up link ———>GetStartedscruffie

There are 6 ways to get paid simultaneously & 4 Levels of enrollment: $100, $400, $600 & Founders Pos.
Call me if you have any questions or want to see live tour proof of the income claims made above.


"When everyone is looking for gold, it's a good time

to be in the pick and shovel business." - Mark Twain
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In case you're wondering what all the chatter is about...
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