Going Surfing with Hurricane Bill is just like Marketing

billsurfpatrol4After 4 days of surfing great waves courtesy of Hurricane Bill, I’m reflecting on the common elements and similarities I observe when I compare my marketing practices with my approach to surfing. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Last week Hurricane Bill showed promise to deliver epic surf. Once it was evident the storm’s track would deliver the swell, I knew I couldn’t miss the chance to surf it.

In a matter of a hours, I had made flight arrangements, rental car arrangements,accommodation arrangements and packed my bags. The next morning I was on a flight to the coast.

That evening, I was in the water surfing the early stages of the storm’s swell. The next days of surfing were awesome! When I talked to some friends later about the great surf, some that missed it made comments like, “You’re lucky you were in the right place at the right time” and “I really wanted to make it for a surf session but I had these other things I had to do.”

Reminds me of the way some people approach their marketing businesses efforts…with the “I’ll get it done sometime or next time” approach.

The way to move ahead and get the results you want in your business is to “take decisive action steps”. I take advantage of great surf worldwide, because I take the actions necessary to achieve that goal.
I don’t focus on the potential travel issues or airport delays that I may face to get to the right beach, I just stay focused on the end result and take the steps to get there.

It’s the same way when I’m approaching my marketing. I may not always be motivated to put out an article or work the social media sites, but I take the actions steps I know will produce the end result of growing my business and moving it in a forward direction. I know obstacles and challenges will present themselves. They may come in the form of technical glitches, frustrations, personality conflicts, scheduling problems or anything else. I stay focused and know that whatever comes up, I’ll deal with.

Just as with my pursuit of surfing, I keep my eye on the prize!