What is Global Resorts Network?

Searching through online business opportunities will likely bring you reference to the Global Resorts Network. The wonderful thing about this company as an online opportunity is that the product you will be selling has been available for over 20 years before there was ever an opportunity attached to it! Some online network marketing businesses are offering products, however you must sign as a distributor to use them, Global is not that kind of company.

The Product

The product you will be promoting is vacations, but not just any vacation. Global Resorts Network makes four and five star resorts available to you at the bargain price of $795 for a weeklong stay! There are fleabag motels that will cost you more than that!

Some products sell better to certain people, such as cosmetics to women. However, vacations are something that people of all ages, gender and economic status are interested in taking. For some people the benefits of a cheap vacation is enough of a reason to sign up with Global Resorts Network, however there is also the matter of earnings potential.


The next question on your mind is likely about the locations, where and when you can travel. Unlike timeshares or similar programs where you are limited to a few weeks per year with Global Resorts Network you can travel 52 weeks per year with absolutely no blackout dates.

That is all well and good, but if you can only travel to out of the way cabins on the backside of the world what would be the point? With Global Resorts Network accommodations, you will find resorts in Australia, Ireland, Bahamas, Fiji Islands, France, all over the United States and even Zimbabwe! Those are just a few of the locations you can vacation at for a bargain price when you join Global Resorts.

Pay Scale

If you decide to become a part of the Global Resorts Network, you can expect a generous compensation plan. The first thing that sets this company apart from many others is the fact that you can earn unlimited $1,000 commissions from an unlimited depth. This means that your earnings will not necessarily stop the minute you stop making sales. The only limit to your income is your level of qualification.


Every work at home business wants you to believe they have something different to offer. With Global Resorts Network, they actually do have a unique plan in place. There are no minimum monthly or yearly sales quotas to meet, no obligation to purchase products on auto month after month and very little in the way of upfront costs. All you really have to do is experience the difference the next time you go on vacation and be willing to tell others about the opportunity.

When is the last time you heard of a home based business opportunity that allowed you to go on vacation for a reasonable price? Best of all you can sell the product to people who have no interest in making a business out of it and still earn a commission!

If you want to make money with Global Resorts Network  or any other real Network Marketing company, you’ll need to learn how to create endless prospects and influence through the power of Attraction Marketing. That way, it won’t matter if your company goes out of business – anyone who is worth his salt and understands Attraction Marketing knows how to instantly create a loyal organization in any company they choose.

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