Get Backlinks to Improve Your Google Ranking

Get backlinks if you want to improve your Google ranking for any particular key word. If you’re struggling to drive traffic to your blog, one of the problems may be that you don’t have enough backlinks to help improve your rankings in search engines such.

A backlink is simply any text you can click on that will take you to a web page. When you came to this article, you did so by clicking on a backlink to bring you here. Backlinks are important because you need to have lots of them out there so that the search engines, such as Google, will be able to find your page and show it to the person who is looking for it. get backlinks

Get Backlinks to Get the Attention of the Search Engines

You want to have lots of backlinks to your page because this is how the search engines determine the relevance and popularity of your site. If Google sees your sight as very popular for a particular topic, they will rank you higher in the search. And that’s exactly what you want them to do. While having more backlinks is great, you don’t want to get backlinks of the wrong kind because that can actually hurt you. Let me explain. Google looks at this the same way you would look at people. If you saw someone hanging around with so unsavory people then you would assume that that person is no good and not associate with them right. Well Google looks at backlinks the same way, if you able to only get backlinks coming from poor quality sites then the search engines will take that into account when ranking you. The best thing to do is to get backlinks from sites that the search engines consider high quality. For example, post your content to article directories  such as EzineArticles, Go Articles, Self Growth, IdeaMarketers, Betternetworker, or Knol to name just a few. These sites have very high page ranks and so when you get a backlink from them it is a high quality backlink.

Get Backlinks to Get on Page 1

Think about it, when you Google a key word and it returns a million results, do you scroll down several pages and start looking at results in the

get backlinks

middle of the list? No, you generally will only ever look at the first few. If you’re really digging deep into the topic, you might go to the second or third page. But almost no one ever goes past the first couple of pages or clicks on backlinks past the first few. So if you’re page comes up past page 2 of the Google Search, the odds of that person seeing you are almost zero. You can have some of the most brilliant, useful and valuable content on the internet, but it doesn’t do you or any one else any good if no one can find it. You content will stay forever lost out there in the middle of nowhere. That’s not where you want to be.

Get Backlinks Because You Must Have Them to Make Money

Get backlinks because they are a valuable, easy tool you must use if you want to get noticed on the internet. If you’re not using them you need to start, if you are using them, use them more.

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get bnacklinks

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