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Since you’re reading this review, it’s likely you’re looking for information about the Gano Excel Opportunity.

You may be seeking specifics related to the Gano Excel Opportunity, possibly after being referred to Gano Excel by a friend or associate. In any case, prior to getting involved, I encourage you to read through this complete third party review of Gano Excel before deciding if this company meets your needs. Gano Excel Image

Note: This is an unbiased review from someone who is not involved in the Gano Excel business.

Inside this brief review, I’ll discuss some points on Gano Excel and I’ll also grant you access to what I would call an absolutely “unfair advantage” should you determine that the Gano Excel business model is a fit for you.

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Gano Excel – The Company

Gano Excel is a corporation that was founded almost two decades ago, way back in 1995. Malaysia was the country in which it was founded, and today, Gano Excel possesses a reach that extends to more than 60 regions and countries across the entire world. This means that the company has the capacity to reach almost some 5 million customers.

Both an established as well as a leading company in the arena of wellness and health, this company is famous for its production of products that feature the Ganoderma lucidum extracts, which are widely looked at as the so-called “Miraculous King of Herbs” for about the last 4000 years. Thanks to this company, these regal herbs that were once looked at as only being reserved for the households of royalty are now shipped directly into your home.

Gano Excel is a company that both makes as well as distributes a wide array of specialized products.

Now, these specialized products include everything from supplements of food, beverages and personal care items to skin care products and even household products. A few examples of what they sell that can be considered their own brand-name products are Excellium capsules, Sakanno, Gano Garcinia capsules and Ganoderma capsules.

Even though this company already enjoys a market presence and a business presence in more than 100 countries around the globe, it is still hungry. It is determined to continue to aim for excellence by way of increasing market penetration and also better products. The company’s philosophy is also quite simple: It believes that everyone is entitled to grow in better health until they reach optimal health.

The goal of Gano Excel is simple: to be the best company in all of the wellness industry, which means creating solely the best kinds of premium products out there.

The company is located in Irwindale in the state of California, and the president of Gano Excel USA is one Bernardo T. Chua. Mr. Chua worked together with the founder of Gano Excel Malaysia, a Professor Leow Soon Seng. Mr. Chua’s work has been absolutely key in growing the company to Canada, Hong Kong and, finally, America. Other executives at Gano Excel include Joven Cabasag, the executive vice president in the continent of North America; Rick Aguiluz, the vice president of marketing and of sales in America; David Moses, the director of both marketing and sales in Canada; William Tompkins, the director of operations; and Leow Soon Seng, the chairman of the board and the founder of Gano Excel.

This company is a direct selling company, which means that it seeks out ordinary, everyday individuals who are able to sell its own products on behalf of the company. To enable average folks to do this, the company provides them with their own products, worldwide support, product certification and a comprehensive accreditation procedure.

In this Gano Excel review, it is obvious that this company is one that is dedicated to the well being of people in numerous countries all over the planet. It sells herbs that were previously only limited to the homes of the wealthy and privileged, and it is also a direct selling business. This means that ordinary, everyday people can essentially represent the company as sellers of its many different products.

Succeeding with Gano Excel

Succeeding with Gano Excel



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