Ilearning Global Tells it’s Distributors..’YOU’RE FIRED!’

youfiredILearning Global, a personal development company, announced Wednesday afternoon that it would be discontinuing it’s network marketing model and would be transitioning immediately to a direct sales platform. Essentially, the Ilearning Global distributors have been ‘Fired’. The announcement left Ilearning Global distributors stunned and shocked.

What could have been a totally devastating event with the doors closing on Ilearning Distributors, turned into an immediate damage control measure and new beginning for dozens of ILearning Global leaders and their distributors.

In an effort to throw a lifeline to other representatives and keep their organizations intact, Leaders of ILearning Global distributorships were conducting team webinars into the early hours of the morning.

This is a huge development in the network marketing industry, and top distributors in ILearning Global have made fast business decisions to climb aboard one of the most exciting opportunities available today, The Numis Network.

One ILearning Global Leader David Wood offered support and enrolled members directly from the webinar into  a Specific Team within the Numis Network.

ILearning Global Representatives have been signing up by the dozens and it is expected that numbers will be in the several hundreds by the time the word gets out throughout the weekend.

I would like to personally like to extend well wishes to the ILearning Global members who were affected and are transitioning to Numis Network. I deeply feel for your real loss in having had the rug pulled out from under your feet with your ILearning Global businesses.

Rest assured you have joined an incredible Team and are in good hands with an awesome opportunity. If you need access to the Numis Network Team the Top Leaders of ILearning Global have joined, visit: Ilearning Global Reps Take off with Numis Network.

Barry Monteiro
Internet Marketing Authority
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