Enlyten Review

Enlyten Review – Is it Worth Your Time and Energy?

The next time you think about grabbing an energy drink or bar consider Enlyten instead, these are mouth strips that offer different effects on athletes and fitness buffs no matter where they are. A cassette like case holds the strips Enlyten are antioxidant strips whose main function is to prevent free radicals. Electrolyte plus strips enhance physical performance by filling the body with much needed electrolytes.

In order to restore energy these strips provide a blend of ginko biloba, Vitamins B and C, caffeine and ginsing. Melatonin Strips contain both theanine and melatonin to function as a natural support to prevent stress mentally and physically. There are also strips that help shed fat, control appetite and burn extra calories namely Appetite Suppressant Strips, Calorie Burner Strips and FIX Recovery Strips. enlyten strips

Marketing the Enlyten Strips

Enlyten follows the MLM or multi-level marketing approach when selling its products. You can purchase the cassettes or strips at wholesale prices and get benefits and income by retailing these and bringing in more people into the company. You will receive everything you need, tools, training and materials in order to market the product person to person. You will need to purchase a minimum number of products from Enlyten per month as a distributor to ensure that you are still active and can receive commission and benefits.

Enlyten Commissions

After joining Enlyten you will continue to earn commission on your downline or recruits you have brought into the company.

You get a certain percentage from their sales, as well as the sales of your entire community. The key is to balance both legs of this MLM model to keep your income steady.

If you want to make money with Enlyten or any other real Network Marketing company, you’ll need to learn how to create endless prospects and influence through the power of Attraction Marketing. That way, it won’t matter if your company goes out of business – anyone who is worth his salt and understands Attraction Marketing knows how to instantly create a loyal organization in any company they choose.

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