Dominate Google Page 1 Rankings!

Dominate Google Page 1 Rankings!

Generate 50 Leads A Day


There’s been a lot of buzz amongst internet marketers recently surrounding ‘Blogging’ as a means to generate traffic and leads and to Dominate Google Page 1 Rankings.

With the launch of the Empower Network, even newbies have a means of learning a useful skill like content marketing thru Blogging.

The challenge sets in when new marketers realize that creating content (even when it’s On-page Optimized) doesn’t guarantee anyone is going to find it.

SEO with Barry Monteiro
I know this because I struggled for a long time trying to get this right and Dominate Google Page 1 Rankings. I wrote articles, made videos, blogged and didn’t see a lot of results. Then, I discovered the missing ingredient for success with blogging or content marketing. The end goal or objective of publishing content as a lead generation method, is to have the content be β€˜found’ through online β€˜SEARCHES’ by other people (preferably targeted prospects) .

The missing piece of the puzzle for most marketers is learning how to get their content to show ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE results, so it can be found! That’s what I mean when I talk about how to Dominate Google Page 1 Rankings

Once I discovered how to do this, I started a stampede of visitor traffic to my sites and learned how to generate consistent leads on autopilot. Members of my team experienced the same success when I showed them how to duplicate what I had learned. I’ve decided to share some proven steps on how to get ranked fast, in a simple blueprint.

Dominate Google Page 1 Rankings Ebook – The Solution

For a Limited time I’m offering a FREE EBook that reveals my Google Page 1 Rank Blueprint, including how I automate the process! If you’ve been spending your hard earned money on junk leads, are tired of not getting traffic to your sites, and want to learn how to start your own traffic stampede with Google Page 1 Rankings..Click on the Link below to Download this EBook now! You’ll be extremely glad you did!

Dominate Google Page 1 Rankings

I hope you enjoy my Ebook on how to Dominate Google Page 1 Rankings!




  1. Great SEO tips here and thank you for offering your free ebook! This is so helpful to many people like myself who are struggling to get noticed on Google!

  2. Great eBook!! I have just downloaded it and it is PACKED full of information! I just had to come back and thank you for that. πŸ™‚

  3. I like the thought about how social media is affecting search….. I realized for the first time the other day that my wife no longer uses google as her primary search engine – it’s all about Facebook.

    Social media shouldn’t only be viewed as helping an SEO campaign – it should have it’s own strategy altogether. Google is still #1 right now I think.

  4. Approx 2 years ago I put up a new website.

    It’s never been listed in Google except some keyworks burried on page 2 or 3. Google maps won’t list it either. In fact I changed an existing listing with the new info for this site and Google completely deleted the map listing and replaced it on their own with old, outdated listing.

    Do you think it’s a penalty? I think it’s a really good site.

  5. Hi all.

    My first post!

    When buying domain names made up of keywords, where the keywords are a location and service which way round is best for SEO.



    or does it not matter? If it does how do you do the research?


  6. I totally agree with the power of social marketing using blog sites. The free ebook really delivers this point home. Lead generation using the methods in the ebook are spot on and will lead to much more traffic that is targeted. Which translates into more profits. The SEO tips and tricks are simply terrific.

  7. This was a good review, as getting hits on your website can be hard if you dont use Google +1. The SEO is an essential part of having the right domain name.

  8. Thanks for your free E-book. This is something I’ve been looking for. Its true that blogging can help with SEO, but its no guarantee that it will get any results. I’m excited to start seeing better results from my blogging efforts.

  9. @Shannon Sachvie

    When targeting a product or service, I match the domain as closely as possible to the actual ‘keyword’ or ‘keyword phrase’ that would be used when searching for that particular product or service.

    You can do a google search for ‘google external keyword tool’ and use their free tool to get information on keyword searches.

  10. Ranking highly on Google is a very hard thing to accomplish. This E-book provides a lot of helpful tips that will help you rank better.

  11. Wow!!! I just downloaded the FREE eBook here and I LOVE IT! It has so much information, I’m going to be busy for a week :). Thank you!!!

  12. Thank you for such a great offer with the free eBook. I just had it emailed to me and I get wait to start reading it :).

  13. In my experience, creating blog posts, yahoo answers, or forum posts is a bad way to do SEO because I am ALWAYS getting marked as spam and getting my comment deleted and my IP banned. But I don’t “spam” anything bad. I mean, I genuinely leave a comment relating to the post… then I just simply leave my keyword and link. SEO is really hard!!

  14. Hi Barry! Great site! I was wondering about Page Rank. You see, I AM indexed with Google… but my site has been without a page rank since 2009 because of one stupid paid-per-post thing I signed up for (but have quit and appealed to Google many times). I stopped trying SEO anything, ever since. Is page rank really that important and do you have any experience with getting it back? Much thanks… Krystal

  15. Very resourceful website here! Thanks for the free eBook. I just requested it to be emailed :).

  16. I’d like to be a member of the Empower Network is possible! Thanks!

  17. Great site here Barry! I am new here but I really love what I see :).

  18. Hello Barry and friends… my question is if EVERYONE was on Google page one… what would happen to Google? I know we are all going to be using different keywords for things… but if EVERYONE on the internet uses your method and learns how to get to Page One… will Google change how to get on page one? I am nervous! lol.

  19. I just want enough money for financial stability. I don’t care about fancy things. I just never want to have to worry about bills.

  20. Just bookmarked your site Barry! All the information here is EXACTLY what I have been looking for to get on TOP of GOOGLE πŸ™‚ -Lauren xoxo

  21. Does this method work for only Google, or are all search engines included like Bing and

  22. Just read the eBook you emailed me and wanted to thank you for making it so easy to understand! You’re right that even a monkey can do it! hehe

  23. Sitting at my computer, surfing the net, and came across this site. It was at the top of Google. If you know how, I’m sure you can teach me how :).

  24. Hi Barry! I’m a huge fan of your site! I love the layout and all the content you provide here including the free ebook! Thanks!

  25. I am often on the #1 spot of google for a largely searched keyword, but according to Google… I get no traffic. So confused :/

  26. Hey Barry and crew… I was just strolling by to see any updates on the site :). I am a regular here and love to get more information so I can get my website on the top and be the most highly searched dog training blog :).

  27. I saw an advertisement once say that it can take only 7 minutes to get to Google #1. Is this possible? Thanks and loving your site! -Glynis

  28. Great site! Easy to navigate and love the layout! Great work here Barry!

  29. I am the owner of a gaming blog and would like to get it to page one on all the search engines. Thank you for providing me with this information and easy instruction :).

  30. Hi Barry… I thought I would post a “thank you” for all the help you have given me. I downloaded your eBook only a few weeks ago, and applied the instructions you gave. Now, I am on page one already! Many, many thanks πŸ™‚

  31. I am so excited to race to the top of Google against all of my competitors (and I have many). I am putting my faith in your system! Thanks a million!

  32. @Krystal Daniels
    Pagerank is a beast of it’s own. I don’t tackle pagerank issues or worry about them. If I’m targeting a keyword and there is heavy pagerank in the competition (4’s and 5’s), I’ll spend my energy elsewhere.

    There are tons of keywords to go after without tackling top tier authority sites.

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