Develop A Window Cleaning System

The key to effective window cleaning is to develop a pattern or system to your cleaning process. Your process should be the same for every window, that way you can always get the same result. It also helps stream line your operation so that you can be as quick as possible without jeopardizing your quality.

The more you refine your method the better and faster you will get. As you clean windows more and more, you will perfect your system and discover new and better ways for doing your San Diego window cleaning job. Even still after having cleaned windows for years I am still finding better and faster methods of doing the cleaning process. In this business time is money, the faster you clean the more you can make or the more time you can have off.

When you are up against the dirtiest windows you have ever seen, it can be overwhelming even for an experienced window cleaner, especially if you have other jobs lined up the same day and an unexpected difficult job is in front of you. This is the prime example of where your process will benefit you. If you don’t have your Carlsbad window cleaning process down, you will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Your process will allow you to approach a difficult job and get it done efficiently. Simply apply the same process to every window and you will get through it fast. For example, I don’t always use a scraper or white pad on most windows, however if the job was extremely dirty where you cant tell if what you are looking at is on the outside or the inside then you might decide that your Escondido window cleaning process for these windows is to scrape or scrub all panes. Stick to your decision and you will fly through it, but if you cant decide and you try all different approaches, you will end up taking more time and have more misses that you will need to fix. The right tools, technique and process is the key to effective Oceanside window cleaning.



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