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CieAura Reviewed As a Money Making Opportunity

Welcome to this 3rd party Cieaura review. Chances are you’re looking into Cieaura to see if it’s a fit for you after hearing about it from a friend or associate. I’m not a Cieaura Rep so rest assured the information you’re getting on this review site is unbiased and I won’t be attempting to recruit you into Cieaura. Before you make a decision about joining any company you should do your ‘homework’ and learn as much as you can about it.

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CieAura – About the Company

CieAura developed holographic energy chips that contain intrinsic energies to change a wearer’s health in three different areas – improving  sleep, increasing energy and improving overall stamina. The company owns the formula used to make each holographic chip, each of which looks like a simple decal.

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CieAura markets its holographic chips through a network of independent retailers, who take the opportunity to build their home-based businesses to any level they want. Each independent retailer relies on a sales and marketing staff to build his business.

For the person thinking of becoming a retailer for CieAura, review of the company, its management and support teams, marketing and selling procedures and the product line are necessary. A belief in homeopathic healing is also needed.

How CieAura Holographic Chips Work

When placed on clothing and the body, these chips restore balance and enable the body to improve its defenses and attain peak performance. This allows the immune system to work at full capacity, fighting off illness.

Each chip is manufactured and worn based on the ancient Chinese belief of meridians, acupuncture and energy fields. The Chinese view disease as an interruption of inner energy flow. When energy is blocked, the person becomes ill; when the blockage has been dispersed, the person’s energy flow is restored and the illness resolves.

CieAura holographic chips work by stimulating different acupuncture points on the body, the energy flow is restored to full strength.

Any complete CieAura review should include specific information on how the chips work. Harmonic FM technology is used to program each transparent multi-layered chip with a patent-pending technology called VibraTec. This imbues each chip with the energies needed to influence the energy field in the human body.

When chips are placed onto the body or clothing, they stimulate the body’s positive energy field, helping to restore energy, stamina and enable the wearer to benefit from more restful sleep. The holographic chips are not inserted into the body. Instead, they are placed onto the skin’s surface or on the person’s clothing.

How Independent Retailers Get Their Start

People interested in marketing and selling the CieAura transparent holographic chips can be referred to the company by an existing representative or communicate with the company via email. Once he has become an independent retailer, he will be trained in how to market the chips and make his new business grow. Independent retailers learn that the company focuses on its products and their benefits to those who use them. This focus benefits retailers, who learn more about all of the company’s products and how best to market them.

The CieAura Review Company Compensation Plan

A CieAura review of the company compensation plan highlights the independent retailer’s practice of giving chips away so interested recipients can try them out. The belief is that, once the recipient sees what the benefits are, they will be interested in buying more – as well as in becoming an independent retailer themselves.

The compensation plan pays out a maximum of 50 percent CSV to independent retailers. Pay incentives are built into the compensation structure, including cooperative team building that provides and encourages support for each team member and independent retailer. The compensation plan includes rewards for first-time and part-time retailers who are working to build their businesses and monthly income.

How to Generate Leads for a CieAura Business

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