Are Pseudonyms Necessary?

While people inside the Internet Marketing field love Internet Marketing for the possibilities it provides, it is also painfully obvious that people who do not work in this sector tend to view it through a highly critical eye. There are still many misconceptions floating around with regards to Internet Marketing and, frankly, the internet in general. While the people who work in the arena know how reliable and fulfilling it can be at the same time, it poses a problem: do you want to be judged for it in your regular life?
A lot of the people who generate income in Internet Marketing use pseudonyms. They use fake names because they prefer to keep their Internet Marketing work apart from everything else that they do, particularly when they only do the work part time. Many fresh and part time IMers worry about being found out by bosses and friends. Of course, in case you dont care about that kind of thing, it still is always a question: should you use a pseudonym for your online business?  
Pseudonyms carry with them plenty of benefits. The largest benefit, of course, is being able to make an identity separate from your personal life and making it easier to keep the two from running into them. People who operate in especially strict or demanding fields or who are surrounded by those who view the Internet as a sketchy place benefit from using a pseudonym because it protects them from judgment.
Another reason that many IMers decide on a pseudonym is the fact that it helps them if they want to develop several products in several different fields. This is the way they can build expert identities in several niches while building credible businesses without their having to worry about seeming like a dabbler. You do not need to fear of a person saying “but what about the conflicting market that you are also selling in?” because you’ll be doing that selling under a different name?
Sadly, however, one of several greater reasons that people do IM business under a pseudonym is that they are trying to evade the responsibilities that come with running a business, like paying taxes. They appear to think that if they do not conduct business under their legal names then they do not have to report any of the money that they earn to the IRS. It is very important that you do not fall for this sort of faulty logic. Even while you work under a different name your money counts as income and you are responsible for it.  Further, the IRS will find youpeople who try to cheat the system usually get found out.
Whether or not you choose to use a pseudonym is admittedly up to you.  For some people it is simply simpler to have one name for their daily offline life and another for their online ventures. Other people like keeping things under their lawful names as it is just easier. 
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