Ambit Energy Review – You Might Be Shocked

Ambit Energy Review

If you are reading this review because you are interested in finding out about Ambit Energy you have made the right decision. I am going to provide you with Ambit Energy Review so that you can decide if it is for you. I will provide you information about the company, their service, the compensation plan they offer and, most importantly, how you can truly become prosperous in a company like Ambit. Inside this brief review, I’ll discuss some points on Ambit Energy and I’ll also grant you access to what I would call an absolutely “unfair advantage” should you determine that Ambit is the most suitable business opportunity for you.

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About the Ambit Energy Company

As a network marketing company, Ambit Energy markets energy through a network of independent representatives. The goal of the company is to become the best and most reputable energy provider in the country. Ambit Energy was started in 2006 by Jere Thompson Jr. who is the company’s CEO and Chris Chambless, the company’s CMO. Right from the beginning, the company has had a fast growth grossing $1 million in revenue during the first year of operation, in the second year the company made $30 million and $196 million in the third year. Ambit Energy is based in Dallas, Texas.

The company’s corporate team has a vast amount of knowledge and experience managing traditional as well as network marketing businesses. Their patented billing and customer platform indicates that the company’s infrastructure is ready for long-term growth.

Ambit Energy – What Service They Provide

Ambit markets electricity and natural gas and currently provides service in Texas, Illinois, and New York. As a licensed retail energy provider, the company has a certain degree of credibility that many network marketing companies don’t have. They passed the strict licensing scrutiny that states put companies through before issuing them license to provide a public utility.

Ambit Energy – Business Opportunity

It costs just around $429 to join Ambit, and there is a monthly fee of $25 for your website. There are two ways you can earn money. First, there is the upfront immediate income. The amount you earn will depend on your position in the company, and it can vary from $100 to $240 when a new representative joins your business.

The second way that you can earn money is through monthly residual income. As long as customers continue to make their monthly payments you will keep getting paid residual income on a monthly basis. So if you consistently recruit new representatives into your team, get them qualified and teach them team to do the same, you can make a lot of money with your Ambit business.

You need to fully understand that this is a business and therefore needs nurturing, effort and some time on your part. It is not an auto-pilot residual income business model. If you take it seriously, there is no limit to what you can achieve with this lucrative business.

Should Consider Ambit Energy

In conclusion, Ambit is definitely a reputable and stable company that offers a solid opportunity to achieve financial independence. However, you will not become automatically successful simply by joining Ambit. Ambit provides you with a profitable opportunity, but your success in the company will depend on your own efforts to apply what they teach you.

It is important to keep in mind that Energy is a $474 billion industry in the United States alone, so if you are serious about starting a business in a thriving industry, this could be your ticket.

Achieving Success With Ambit

If you decide to join Ambit Energy, there is a way to get a leading edge against 97% of all of the other Ambit Energy Distributors. the first thing you want to do is to find a mentor, trainer and coach that has already had success in the industry that can prevent you from making the same mistakes that most distributors in the industry make. Secondly, you will want to learn two distinct skills – How to become an ALPHA LEADER and how to MARKET YOUR BUSINESS so that you can generate 20 to 50+ leads a day.

Leads are the driving force that will fuel your business and no matter how great Ambit Energy is, it will only make you money if you have network marketers to share it with. If you learn how to generate an unlimited number of leads, there is no telling how far you could make your income go with the Ambit Energy opportunity.

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