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My name is Barry Monteiro. I’m the owner of:


Thanks for stopping by my Blog! YOU ARE HERE for a REASON… and I am glad to meet you!

I am an online business and marketing coach in the network marketing industry. My passion is assisting any and all struggling entrepreneurs to achieve their potential. I teach network marketers and entrepreneurs how to build their businesses online without prospecting, chasing friends & family, hotel meetings, cold calling, handing out flyers and trying to sell and convince people to join your business. I love living in the internet age and using the latest technologies & internet strategies to build my businesses and build wealth and abundance not only in my life but in the lives of all those I have the pleasure of working with. Now let me be clear… it wasn’t always like this. Before I get into the details, let me tell you a little about myself.

I was born in Puerto Rico and lived there until I was 16 years old. I made the biggest move of my life when my parents moved us to Virginia Beach. I went on to graduate from Virginia Tech after attending there on an athletic
scholarship. Having earned 2 degrees, I felt like I was doing everything right to go on and become a “Success”. I took a year off and traveled back to the Caribbean to pursue my surfing passion before starting “My Career”. When I eventually returned to the Mainland and got a job with a major company, I felt like a part of me was dying.

I missed the lack of freedom and adventure I had experienced. The corporate ‘politics’ were unbearable! After 12 years of dedicated service, I was told I’d have to relocate to keep my job due to downsizing. Moving away from my friends and my beach lifestyle was awful. Then came the paycuts, pension freezing and 401k cuts!

I teamed up with a dynamic young real estate investor, and in a matter of a few years had acquired a respectable real estate investment portfolio. It was a step toward building my retirement, but I still needed more income. Repair bills never stop coming in, and financing is almost impossible to get now with a deepening recession setting in.

I had to find a way out and jumped into an MLM program. After a few years..

I Was Completely Burned Out from Chasing After Friends & Family, Prospecting in Shopping Malls, Buying Leads & Cold Calling Trying to Convince People to Join My Business…

When I Discovered The Internet and Attraction Marketing. My Business Started Taking Off and Months Later, I Cracked The Code And Started Generating Endless leads and Prospects!! All On

I know what its like to struggle in this industry. For years on and off I followed the training of my upline, struggling to get a few measly sign ups in my business. I was busy as can be, even sponsored a
few Reps, but I wasn’t making money! I can guarantee you that I have dealt with the exact same questions and frustrations that you might be going through right now.

It wasn’t easy chasing friends & family, cold calling, prospecting strangers in shopping malls, posting flyers and handing out business cards, all the while not seeing ANY results for my efforts.

I learned a ton through out those years, and even though my bank account didn’t show it, I was learning and growing as a person and as a leader. You see, your struggles and your battles are the experience that
develops you into a leader. And without those struggles I would never have the success I enjoy today.

Those 6 years of struggle and failure lead me to a pivotal point that shifted my entire business approach and literally exploded my business over night.

I went from a burned out marketer to a successful online entrepreneur after applying just a couple of the concepts and ideas that I learned thru http://WorkwithBarry.info/

So how did I do it?

How did I transform my business so quickly? And with such incredible results?

Its actually pretty simple.

The secret to my success in the industry, is available now at http://ResidualCashVault.net/. You’ll find simple solutions to the major problems faced by all network marketers.

What are those problems?

Here’s a few of the main ones…

  1. Lack
    of Training & Support – We provide a complete Team
    Training Platform that trains and supports our members with the latest marketing training, video tutorials, conference calls and forums.
  2. Lack
    of Traffic & Leads – We teach our members how to easily drive quality traffic to their high converting websites and generate responsive leads that convert to customers and new distributors.
  3. Lack
    of Sales Skills – We use websites, marketing funnels and
    technology to eliminate the need for sales skills… YES you can build a huge business online without
  4. Lack
    of Money – We teach networkers how to make money FAST, and create significant Cash Flow to fund and explode their businesses…this is much more than a simple “funded proposal”!

Are You Ready to FINALLY Make Serious Money Online AND Explode Your  Marketing Business Without Any REJECTION or SELLING Ever Again?


If you have a dream, and are struggling to achieve it because you aren’t getting the right marketing training or support, then I strongly encourage you to contact me. Or at least visit my website and get some FREE TRAINING!!

My intention is basically to lay out everything for you. My intention is to show you exactly what I and the secrets. No gimmicks. No lies.

I truly believe in the sharing of knowledge and resources for the improvement of others. That’s why I don’t charge anything for my Marketing Training.

My purpose in life is to help others achieve their potential and this is exactly what I intend to do.

Together with my team of master marketers we have created a bullet-proof marketing system, a virtual
“cash flow hurricane”, that generates sales on demand!

Here is the basis to our system:

  • Online marketing system – to generate leads on demand – Your Virtual Money Printing Press (I’m not kidding!)
  • Use of Web 2.0 techniques – branding and lead generation (for FREE!)
  • Attraction Marketing – to get your prospects chasing YOU
  • Automated Sales Funnels – to put money in your pockets FAST!!! (like within days!!)
  • Team Training & Support – complete marketing training and tutorials to get all our members up and running fast using the
    latest and only the most effective marketing strategies

If you don’t find the solutions to your obstacles on my websites, my videos or my blog, just contact me and
let me know what your struggle is.

But be warned!!! I do not put up
with whiners, complainers and poverty mentality! If you whine to me I will hang up on you! I’m serious. I discuss solutions with people who want to overcome obstacles. If that’s you… I’d love to chat with you!

Contact me or visit my website: http://ResidualCashVault.net/

I am looking to meet and work with people who have a vision… a mission… some purpose greater than themselves, that they absolutely know they are here to accomplish.

It is my MISSION… to help people
like you to achieve your goals… your dreams… your vision… your purpose.

I have a personal mission to assist
and empower those that desire and pursue FREEDOM, to achieve it.

I believe that ALL of us, truly
desire to make a difference in this world. Each of us has a greater purpose, has a desire to GIVE back and to make a positive impact. I know this because I get emails and calls every month from people who want to join our team, and EVERY single person tells us about their incredible goals and passions.

I’m glad for you that you found my site!

To get started changing your life, click the link: