A Fresh Look at Avon – Is it Worth Joining at This Point?

Taking A Fresh Look at the Avon Opportunity

Avon was one of the very first multi-level marketing opportunities to hit the world. It was first introduced before Internet boom, so the products and the business were sold through living rooms and kitchens. Distributors held parties for their friends and family members, encouraging them to sign into the business and hold parties for their own friends and family members. Circles of business partnerships expanded and Avon became a household name around the world.

There was a point where MLM opportunities seemed to get a bad rap. Many people were tired of being approached to buy products or start their own little business every time someone they knew decided to invest in one of these opportunities.  Avon continued to sell well because it was an established brand just like Cover Girl or any other brand selling in stores, but lesser known companies choosing this style of distribution struggled

The MLM concept needed a breath of fresh air, and the Internet was the perfect storm to bring it. Once computers around the world started connection to the Internet and consumers started going online to find information about new products and great deals, it was only natural for MLM opportunities like Avon to jump on board.

The Value of Online Marketing

The ability to market products and a business opportunity to people all around the world eliminated the need for marketing directly to a seller’s social circle. Rather than hitting up their parents and siblings for mercy buys or business sign-ups that went nowhere, those buying into MLM business plans started marketing online and bringing in people from around the world that had a sincere interest in the products and businesses being offered.

Today, many Avon distributors are operating online rather than through their social circles. Rather than getting all of their business from local customers or living room parties, they are now getting sales from websites featuring their products. Rather than hitting up their loved ones and friends to get sales, they can now use email marketing, social networking, and other resources to find customers who actually want to buy from them.

Selling Avon Today

It is amazing that Avon has been around for 125 years and continues to be a well respected brand name. There are many competitors that have come along offering very similar products with the same distributorship model, yet this brand continues to be a leader in the market. This speaks well for the products being offered as well as for the opportunity available to those who want to sell products dedicated to women.

One thing that does help this brand remain a favorite of the public is the focus on the lives of women. They do much more than just sell makeup. A variety of products are made available to help improve the lives of everyday women, even if they cannot afford the most expensive products sold through department stores. Avon is affordable to every woman and has a long history of quality and customer service. That history continues to give it value and a reputation that cannot be beat.

The Opportunity

While it is no longer necessary to sell Avon exclusively through living room parties and presentations in your local community, the opportunity is still there. You can now set up online stores or network marketing accounts that will drive in tons of customers looking for products from this brand.

This is an excellent opportunity for those just starting out in MLM, since the brand is so recognizable it almost sells itself. It is much easier to pull a profit with a recognizable brand that customers know and trust than it is to pull a profit on a brand no one has heard much about.



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