5LINX Review – Will 5linx Beat The Hype

Doing Online Business the 5LINX Way

Many online businesses offer some kind of affiliate program that opens up a promising opportunity to earn residual income online. At the same time, the business can benefit from increased exposure providing that the affiliates sign up and do their part. Not all online businesses are successful with this model because these businesses have special target markets. This is because many online businesses focus on one or a small handful of products and services.

This isn’t the case with 5LINX as they have been offering a multitude of products and services for more than a decade. It helps to look back to the first year where three key individuals helped create one of the top direct selling opportunities on the Internet today.




Craig Jerabeck used his past experience as a founder of @Wireless Enterprises and went on to be a cofounder of the 5LINX. Since 2001, he is both the President and CEO of the company. He believes that facing fear is the way to be successful with his business opportunity.


Jeb Tyler is another cofounder who has more of a direct selling background and that makes a lot of sense considering his current position as Executive VP of Marketing. He had a major role in opening up the business to Canada, Nigeria and various other markets. He also organizes the training events and helps develop new products.


Jason Guck is a cofounder with similar traits as Jeb Tyler when it comes to direct marketing. He is the Executive VP of Sales and uses his 15-year experience in Internet marketing and telecom to bring the 5LINX image to international areas.


5LINX Review


This 5LINX review will come in two parts – the products and the business opportunity itself. It is important for the products to be covered because the products are what really make the company so compelling. The products cater any person that has a home or a small business and that means that their reach is very broad. The 5LINX Energy Program is enough proof that the company is really reaching out to the masses because everyone can benefit from energy saving tips and special offers.


The company even goes as far as developing an 8-inch tablet that is equipped with dual rear and front facing cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity. What makes this tablet very attractive is the special GLOBALLINX Mobile Video software that is included so other tablet owners can engage in voice or video conversations through Wi-Fi. People that are more into online businesses can take advantage of the 5LINX Business Elite Services and Merchant Services so costs are effectively decreased without sacrificing profits.


The business opportunity presents an extensive training program that can help any interested individual to become successful. The program is crafted around an individual’s available time in promoting the business so profits are maximized. Various GLOBALINX product flyers and product sheets are made available in one convenient pace called the Virtual Office.


There are also brochures and DVDs to assist those that are have more time in promoting 5LINX. Everything is presented nicely in a 14-minute video so new members can see the opportunity right away. The company is backed with numerous success stories by real people. This fulfills the main principles of the company which are Vision, Integrity, Opportunity, Freedom and Success.



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