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There’s been a lot of buzz amongst internet marketers recently surrounding ‘Blogging’ as a means to generate traffic and leads. With the launch of the Empower Network, even newbies have a means of learning a useful skill like content marketing thru Blogging.

The challenge sets in when new marketers realize that creating content (even when it’s On-page Optimized) doesn’t guarantee anyone is going to find it.

I know this because I struggled for a long time trying to get this right. I wrote articles, made videos, blogged and didn’t see a lot of results. Then, I discovered the missing ingredient for success with blogging or content marketing. The end goal or objective of publishing content as a lead generation method, is to have the content be ‘found’ through online ‘SEARCHES’ by other people (preferably targeted prospects) .

The missing piece of the puzzle for most marketers is learning how to get their content to show ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE results, so it can be found!

vemma serp result imageOnce I discovered how to do this, I started a stampede of visitor traffic to my sites and learned how to generate consistent leads on autopilot. Members of my team experienced the same success when I showed them how to duplicate what I had learned. I’ve decided to share some proven steps on how to get ranked fast, in a simple blueprint.

For a Limited time I’m offering a FREE EBook that reveals my Google Page 1 Rank Blueprint, including how I automate the process! If you’ve been spending your hard earned money on junk leads, are tired of not getting traffic to your sites, and want to learn how to start your own traffic stampede with Google Page 1 Rankings..Click on the Link below to Download this EBook now! You’ll be extremely glad you did!




  1. Barry,

    How in the….ah never mind. Fantastically awesome! Great content. I’m certainly spreading the word here.

    ~ Linus

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. This is a great book. I am very interested in finding out how you got this to display like that. This is a great site, a lot of info and easy access.

    Thanks for the great content.


  4. Hey Barry,

    Very well put together my friend. I’m digging the creativity and how it all came together.


    – Yo

  5. WOW, Barry!

    Great presentation, I’m sharing this with my team members..


  6. Thanks Kathy.
    Send me an email or give me a call if you want some information on displaying an ebook of your own.


  7. Yo Le,

    I appreciate the comments. Good to hear from you. I enjoyed some of the pix I saw of you and other master marketers in Lax. You’re always ‘Smiling Big’ dude! You can’t hide success…keep up the good work!


  8. Thanks Carlos,

    Keep in touch,


  9. Hey Barry,
    Fantastic presentation. Great message also. You keep pushing the envelop with your presentations and you certainly set a new level with this one. You will certainly keep people attention when you make this kind of presentation.

    Keep making posts like this I will keep coming back.

    To Your Continued Success,

  10. All I can say is “wow” once again Barry.

    You really know how to tie in technology to display value with expertise.

    We need to “hang 10” this year.



  11. This is a great blog format Barry. You definitely can think outside the box. If I keep learning from you maybe I can get up to 7 vacations a year.


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